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The United Daughters of the Confederacy would like to thank you for your interest in our scholarship program. We offer a number of scholarships for those who meet the criteria set forth by our Organization.

Scholarship candidates are sponsored by local Chapters. Scholarship application forms are available only through local UDC Chapters. Completed scholarship applications are submitted only through UDC Chapters.

Below you will find links to information explaining our scholarship program. After you have reviewed this information, you may contact me by email or mail in care of the UDC Business Office. Be sure to include your name, address, and telephone number so that you may be contacted by a local Chapter. It is not necessary to include information about your Confederate ancestor in the initial request.
Jennie Lee Stone
Second Vice President General
United Daughters of the Confederacy





Scholarship candidates are sponsored by local UDC Chapters. Requests made to the Business Office for scholarship information are forwarded to the Second Vice President General, who will contact the Division Second Vice President to contact the appropriate Chapter. Requests must include name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address so that the local Chapter may contact the student and set up an appointment for an initial interview.

The scholarship application will be provided to the candidate by the Chapter. (Applications are available only from Chapters.) The Chapter will write a letter of endorsement that will be included with the application. The candidate will submit the completed application along with all required documentation to the Chapter by the Chapter deadline. Chapters set their own deadlines in order for the applications to be received by the Division Second Vice President by the Division deadline. The Division Second Vice President will send the applications to the Second Vice President General by the April 15 General deadline. General Scholarship recipients are selected by a four member Education Committee and the Second Vice President General.

Upon approval of a recipient, the Second Vice President General will send notification to the applicant with a pledge letter stating that the scholarship recipient understands and complies with the rules of the scholarship. The recipient must sign and return the pledge letter to the Second Vice President General. Notification to the college or university will be sent in August and will include one check (made payable to the college or university) containing the scholarship amount for the entire academic year.

Each recipient must report by letter, and enclose a copy of official grade transcript, to the Second Vice President General by June 15 each year if he/she wishes to be considered for re-award for the following semester. Any student not complying with this rule will automatically have his/her scholarship cancelled.

A recipient who wishes to transfer to another institution or change course of study or major must contact the Second Vice President General to ensure continuation of his/her scholarship.

A recipient who drops out of school shall forfeit his/her scholarship. The institution shall return any unused balance to the United Daughters of the Confederacy.


Undergraduate scholarships are available either until the student completes the degree, fails to make a minimum 3.0 (out of 4.0) grade point average (GPA), or a maximum of 4 (four) years, whichever comes first. Students must be enrolled in an accredited college or university in the United States and carry a minimum of 12 hours each semester. Graduate scholarships are available at the Master’s level (2-year maximum unless a 3-year program) and Ph.D. level (3-year maximum).


Each Division and Chapter Where No Division may submit any number of candidates for the scholarships. Each candidate will be considered for any scholarship for which he/she is determined to be eligible. Two members of the same family may not hold General scholarships simultaneously.


An applicant must be the lineal (direct) descendant of an eligible Confederate (that is, one who served honorably in the Confederate Army, Navy, or Civil Service or who gave Material Aid to the Cause). Only members of UDC/CofC may apply on the record of collateral ancestors.

Applicants must be endorsed by the Chapter President and the Chapter Second Vice President, Division President and by the Division Second Vice President.

Applicants must complete and submit the official UDC General Scholarship packet. Final approval of applications shall be made by the Second Vice President General’s Education Committee.

An applicant must have a minimum cumulative 3.0 out of 4.0 grade point average (GPA) in high school or college. GED and recent SAT/ACT scores will be accepted without GPA if applicant is not a high school graduate.

Applicant must attend college or university in the United States.


Incomplete applications will be given no consideration by the General Education Committee. Application and documentation will be returned only if sufficient postage is included. The following materials are required.

  1. Wallet-sized photograph of head and shoulders suitable for publication in the UDC Magazine if applicant is awarded scholarship (print name on back of photo).
  2. General Scholarship Application Checklist complete with all information.
  3. Lineage Form (complete with all information and complete proof of lineage (if non-UDC/CofC), OR applicant’s original approved UDC/CofC application. Must include proof to link each generation to the next.
  4. Copy of Confederate ancestor’s complete service record (copy of approved UDC or CofC application is acceptable): a) for military, submit official Confederate military record from authoritative source, must show unit and state; b) for civil service or Material Aid, submit proof from authoritative source and give full description of service (if ancestor signed Oath of Allegiance prior to April 9, 1865, proof of further service required).

  6. General Scholarship Application Form (official UDC form, revised 2009), complete with all information signed by UDC Chapter and Division (or CWND) President and Second Vice President.
  7. Letter of endorsement from sponsoring UDC Chapter.
  8. Letter of recommendation from recent teacher/counselor (on school’s letterhead) with objective evaluation of applicant.
  9. Official grade transcript of previous year and fall semester/quarter.
  10. Signed letter from applicant (maximum 300 words) (1) pledging to make best possible use of the opportunity offered by a UDC scholarship; (2) outlining goals and plans/preparation for meeting them; and (3) explaining what receiving a UDC scholarship would mean to the applicant.



Without Restrictions

Cody Bachman
Major Madison Bell
Hector W. Church
S. A. Cunningham
Henry Clay Darsey
Mrs. Ella M. Franklin
Vicki K. Heilig Scholarship
Stonewall Jackson
Frances Pauline Clark Keys Memorial
Matthew Fontaine Maury
Mary B. Poppenheim Memorial Mrs. L. H. Raines Memorial
William Dudley Roe Contingency Fund
Schomburg Family Trust
Lucy Robinson Search
Janet B. Seippel
Admiral Raphael Semmes
Barbara Jackson Sichel Memorial
Cornelia Branch Stone
Cora Bell Wesley Memorial
Dorothy Williams
David Stephen Wylie


With Restrictions

Bentley-Faucette-Miles : Preference given to UDC and CofC members from New York.

Helen James Brewer: Recipient must be enrolled in the study of English history and literature or Southern history and literature and must be a member or former member of the CofC or a member of the UDC who resides in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, or Virginia.

Eloise Campbell: Recipient must be female. Preference given to applicants from Bowie County, Texas, or Miller County, Arkansas.

Lola B. Curry: Recipient must be resident and student in Alabama.

Winnie Davis—Children of the Confederacy: Recipient must be, or have been until the age of 18, a participating member of the CofC and approved by the Third Vice President General.
Doner: Undergraduate work

Jan Gwatney: Recipient must be female. Preference given to applicants with permanent residence in Louisiana, Texas or Georgia.

Elizabeth & Wallace Kingsbury: Recipient must have been a member of the CofC for a minimum of three years.

Phoebe Pember Memorial: Recipient must be enrolled in a school of nursing.

Gertrude Botts Saucier: Recipient must be from Texas, Mississippi or Louisiana.

Walter Reed Smith: Recipient must be a female who is applying for a degree in business administration, computer science, home economics, nutrition, or nursing.

Washington and Lee: Recipient must attend Washington and Lee University.

Ruth S. Widener: Recipient must attend Washington and Lee University and major in history (preferred) or English, business administration (including accounting), or computer science.

George Robert Earle Grant-In-Aid: Recipient must be enrolled at and is chosen by Davidson College, Davidson, N.C.


Without Restrictions:

Malcolm M. Berglund

With Restrictions:

Judge William M. Beard – Recipient must be enrolled in a school of history or medicine.
Ship Island – Mrs. J. O. Jones Memorial – Recipient must be in the field of nursing.

Woodrow Wilson Memorial – Recipient must be in the School of Law at the University of Virginia

Mildred Richards Taylor Memorial – Recipient must be a female in business or a business-related field. Preference given to former CofC members.

Robert E. Lee Ministerial Scholarship – Recipient must be a ministerial student enrolled at Union Theological Seminary, Richmond, Va. Recipient chosen by the school.


Three-Year Plan


August – begin Ph.D. program

College sends an official letter confirming that candidate has completed comprehensive exams and is officially a doctoral student.
Candidate provides a letter outlining research plans for the first six months.
February – six-month progress report

Candidate sends letter (co-signed by advisor or graduate director) reporting first six months research and outlining research plans for the next six months.


August – one-year progress report

Candidate is at least halfway through the research portion of doctoral program.
Candidate sends letter (co-signed by advisor or graduate director) detailing progress and outlining plans for the next six months.
February – halfway point

Candidate is at or near end of research. If not, letter should provide explanation.
Candidate sends letter (co-signed by advisor or graduate director) detailing progress and plans.


August – two-year progress report

Candidate has completed all research and doctoral thesis is in preliminary draft stage.
Candidate sends letter (co-signed by advisor or graduate director) detailing progress and plans.
February – six-month countdown to finish

Candidate has completed or is near completion of first draft of doctoral thesis and is beginning revisions.
Candidate sends letter (co-signed by advisor or graduate director) detailing progress and plans.
The Finish Line

Doctoral thesis completed.