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Helen Walpole Brewer Library

UDC Memorial Building
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Brewer Library   The Helen Walpole Brewer Library was established in 1996 through a generous bequest of the late Helen Walpole Brewer. It contains microfilm copies of the National Archives Compiled Confederate Service Records and a limited number of regimental histories, family histories, pension records, and cemetery records.

[Confederate records are also available from Broadfoot Publishing Company. For more information about their services, please visit http://www.broadfootpublishing.com/ and follow their UDC link.]

The library is open by appointment. For guidelines, fee schedule, or to make an appointment, please e-mail the UDC Library Coordinator at hqudc@rcn.com.   Brewer Library

Helen Walpole Brewer History

Helen Walpole Brewer was born in Birmingham, Alabama, in 1911, the daughter of Clifton Lewis and Helen MacDonald James Brewer. She moved with her family to New York City in 1929.

Helen's first love was the theatre. She was an actress, radio script writer, and critic. In 1986 she published her autobiography Irresistible Magic, an interesting and entertaining account of her life and experiences in the New York City theatre world. She donated the entire proceeds from the sale of the book to The United Daughters of the Confederacy Magazine Fund.

Helen also loved her Southern heritage, and in 1971 she joined Mary Mildred Sullivan Chapter 1386, UDC, New York City. She belonged to numerous heritage societies. Helen’s interest in genealogy grew, and she was especially interested in and proud of her Virginia ancestors.

In 1980 Helen moved to Richmond to have more immediate access to area research facilities. She transferred her UDC membership to Janet Randolph Chapter 1932.

The new addition to the Memorial Building that was dedicated on November 10, 1996, was made possible through the generous bequest from Helen Walpole Brewer. She truly remembered and showed her love for the UDC, even after her death. She believed that the UDC should have a library to assist members and non-members alike as they pursue their interest in Confederate and Southern history.


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