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Library Guidelines and Procedures

Use of Library Facilities

The library will charge a user fee to non-members of the UDC, minimum $10.00 per day. Photocopy fee of $.50 per copy is not included in the user fee. Members of the UDC may use the facilities without charge with the exception of copy fees incurred during visit; however, donations are welcomed. Non-member fee is subject to change at the discretion of the UDC.

All patrons must sign the register in the library. First time patrons must complete a library guidelines form. Forms will be kept on file; future visits will require only a signature in the register.

Library Hours

The library will be open by appointment to UDC members and non-members. Appointments may be made with the Library Coordinator between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, subject to availability.

General Guidelines

Only pencils may be used in the library. Pens, markers and other permanent writing instruments are not permitted.

Only pencils, paper, and laptop computers may be brought to the library tables. Patrons may not bring their own books, large notebooks or other bulky materials to the tables. Lockers are available for storage. The UDC is not responsible for loss or damage to personal items belonging to patrons.

Please respect other patrons’ right to a quiet atmosphere. Keep talking to a minimum and in low tones. Smoking is not permitted in the building or courtyard. Food and drink are not allowed in the library. No solicitation of patrons or librarians is permitted. Professional genealogists may not solicit clients in this library. No children under the age of 8 are permitted in the library.

Payment for copies, forms or other supplies or services should be made 30 minutes prior to closing time.

Use of Library Materials

All films, manuscripts and books must be used in the library. Under NO circumstances may library materials be removed from the library. Films, books and other library materials are to be reshelved and refiled only by the Library Coordinator. It is not helpful for patrons to refile materials. Place books and materials on book cart when finished.

Materials other than books may be requested one at a time by completing request forms.

Microfilm not belonging to this library may not be used on the microfilm readers. Please do not bring them into the library.

Patrons who do not know how to operate the microfilm reader shall request assistance from the Library Coordinator. Use shall be limited to one hour if other patrons are waiting and no other machines are available. Use is on a first come, first serve basis. No advance appointments shall be taken for the use of a reader.

The reader customarily used by the UDC Research Associate is not available for use by library patrons.

Access to Materials from Goodlett Library

A patron who wishes to examine material from the Goodlett Library must first fill out a request slip. More than one slip may be filled out at a time. The Library Coordinator will retrieve the requested material as time allows. Materials will be held at the Library Coordinator’s desk and given to the patron to examine one at a time. In the case of manuscript materials, a folder containing several items may be given to the patron at the discretion of the Library Coordinator.

The Library Catalog

A computer catalog database, which lists contents of the Brewer and Goodlett Libraries, is available.

Access to UDC Records, Lineage Information, and Applications

Information provided to the UDC by its membership is the property of the UDC and is not a matter of public record.

Research Services

The UDC provides research services to individuals who are unable to visit the library personally, and the Library Coordinator provides research assistance to patrons upon request. Fees must be prepaid and are subject to change at the discretion of the UDC. Contact us about Research Options and more information on fees and available services.

Research Material

A microfilm reader/printer is available for researching National Archives Confederate Military Records and pension records. A tabletop near an electrical source is available for laptop computer use.

Resources Available in Helen Walpole Brewer Library

The library houses National Archives Confederate Military Records, limited family histories, and limited pension records (microfilm). Refer to the Confederate Ancestor Research Form for personal research, regimental histories.

Resources Available in Caroline Meriweather Goodlett Library

This library houses books related to the topics: Addresses and Essays , American History, Armies and Soldiers, Battles and Campaigns, Biography, Causes of the War, Cookery, Culture, Finance and Economics, Flags, Government, Holidays, Homes, Journals, Letters, Literature, Medical and Sanitary Affairs, Monuments and Markers, Music, Narratives, Naval Operations, Periodicals, Pictorial Works, Poetry, Politics, Postal Service, Prisoners and Prisons, Railroads, Reconstruction, Religion, Richmond, Secession, Secret Service, Slavery, Societies, Southern History, State Histories, UDC, War History, Weaponry, and Women

*Some resources listed are limited. Call on Librarian for availability prior to scheduling an appointment.